Sunday, May 2, 2010

Evalutaion: Shiny Shakespeare Show

This project was a major fail. It took everyone a long time to get on track and organized. We spent forever waiting for our scripts to be returned. Even once we had everything we weren’t ready to start filming. It was just a whole lot of confusion and nothing got done. At first, the class seemed excited and really into it, but it just went downhill from that. We spent a lot of time just sitting around, wasting time basically. English B students didn’t have anything to do, and English A students were not getting much done either. This project was not successful. We didn’t film, edit and it was completely unorganized. We didn’t even finish the project. I’m only writing an Evaluation because something needs to be done to wrap up this project.
I was supposed to be following the design cycle for this unit, but like the project in general, it didn’t really work out. I did the Investigation. I researched quite a bit about filming, editing, props and stuff like that. I had all my sources too. The scripts were being graded so the whole class waited for them to be returned. This was a waste of time. Mrs. Wilson and Mr. Thompson both had different ideas of how this unit would work out, so the class was just confused.
Criteria B, Design, seems to have been lost. I didn’t do anything for Criteria B because I needed my script. So I waited, and then went to ACAMIS. I think for Criteria B, the class did it together. Most people voted on the scripts. The script with the most votes was Tsolmon’s, so we were going to film hers. There was a lot of mind changing and no one seemed to be making any real decisions that could keep us going.
Usually I always have to do Criteria C, Plan, but this time I didn’t. I do not know if the class did while I was in ACAMIS, but I don’t think so. This may have been why this project ended up so bad. There was no planning put into it. One good thing about this project is that it has shown me that planning is important.
Criteria D is Create. We spent one class trying to get something done. We filmed, but no one knew their lines and it was just pointless. That class was probably where everyone got sick of this unit. We looked at the videos that Haram had filmed and they were no good. So we didn’t create anything. I don’t think we gave up. We recognized a lost cause when we saw it. We did try to make it work, but probably not hard enough. There was just a whole lot of confusion and ideas were changing and we couldn’t stick with anything. So now I am evaluating this project….
Improvements for this unit could take a long time. First I think that every single person taking part should have all been on the same track and known what we were getting in to. Second, we needed our script from the beginning! I really think that would have helped. Then it would have been easier to get started and get into the flow of this project. We should have been more serious about it. I think if we had had costumes and real settings and props we would have been more enthusiastic about it. I didn’t really enjoy what we did in this project, though I think it could have been good. Mrs. Wilson did say though that it hasn’t been successful with any grade, so maybe this unit is ju

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