Tuesday, May 4, 2010

What I like to do...

I enjoy reading fiction. I like fiction written in a way that could be true. Stories that are not true, but have a sense of reality really get me hooked. I play the flute, and even though I do not enjoy practicing, I want to continue playing the flute. I also enjoy art, though I never feel like I have good ideas. I’ve been drawing and painting since I was a kid. I really like decorating, organizing and re-modeling rooms and houses. It’s a lot fun to change something and make it better. I enjoy sports in general. I like to swim, play soccer, play volleyball and badminton isn’t so bad. I don’t like basketball. Running around and playing games is fun. In school I enjoy English, Art, P.E. and Chinese. Even though Chinese is difficult I enjoy learning languages. I like being able to speak different languages. I do not enjoy math, but science is okay. I have also learned that taking part in the school play can be a fun and entertaining experience. Traveling can be stressful, but once I get to a new place it's a lot of fun learning about it.

In the past four years I have enjoyed...

1. Soccer
2. Swimming
3. Flute
4. Art
5. Reading
6. Volleyball
7. School - Mostly English, Art,
8. Traveling
9. Interior Designing
10. Languages

Most of the activities I listed above are connected to art or sports. I enjoy just zoning out and drawing something or playing something. It's very calming to me. I can think about things or I can completely focus on the picture I was drawing or the song I was playing. I enjoy sports activities because it's fun! If I'm not good at a sport, like basketball, it's not fun. I like team sports because you're with a whole bunch of people, running around and having fun. Swimming is just awesome... I can't explain why I like it.
The activities don't challenge me, I think that's what I like about them. There just things that keep me entertained. If they do get challenging I don't enjoy them as much. Except with sports. In tournaments I like having a team with me. It's more fun that way.
I think that some of the things I like to do, I could be better at doing. I have the ability to do things, but I think I should put more effort and commitment into the activities I do. I need to discipline myself to try my hardest when I do the activities. Persistence. I need to be persistent to develop in my activities.

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