Thursday, May 20, 2010

Criteria A - Investigation

Future career goal: Interior Designer

Qualifications: IB Diploma, good SAT scores, good GPA, Bi-lingual, High-School Diploma

If a college doesn’t require an IB Diploma, I probably wouldn’t go to a college. I would want to go to a college that requires you to have an IB Diploma, SAT scores, GPA and to be bi-lingual. I want a college to have these qualifications because it is more likely to me a good college and I’ll enjoy.

Educational background:
International School of Latvia (Grades Pre-School-7)
& International School of Ulaanbaatar (Grades 8-12)

I have lived in Latvia and Mongolia. In both countries I have studied in IB schools. Throughout my education I have received good grades.

Extra-curricular activities: ISU Girls Soccer Team (2 years), ISU Girls Volleyball Team (1 year), ISU Orchestra (1 year), ASAs – Photography Club
ISL Girls Soccer Team (1 year), ISL Swim Team (1 year)
Outside of school – Study the flute for 4 years

I have been part of the soccer team and volleyball team in the International School of Ulaanbaatar. In Latvia I was also part of the girl’s soccer team for one year. I enjoy all of the extra-curricular activities, which is why I participate in them. I have been to two CEESA events and three ACAMIS events.

Volunteer: Trash pick-ups, orphanage visits, performed at church for elders.

I have not done much volunteer work though I have had plenty of opportunities. I have completed all the required C&S hours for each year. It is one of my personal goals to do more volunteer work.

What makes me special: I am a third culture kid. I have travelled a lot and experienced quite a bit. I can speak English and German fluently and a bit of French and Chinese. I've lived in Europe (Latvia) and Asia (Mongolia).I was born in India and have never lived in the USA, where my mother is from, or Germany, where my dad is from. I enjoy learning and seeing new things.

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