Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Criteria C - Create

Career goal:

I want to become and Interior Designer.


• Have artistic skills
• Thorough
• Follow-through
• Please every type of customer
• Accurate with measurements
• Have on-the-job experience
• Have studied interior designing
• Had a training period.
• Know how to handle money, budgets
• People skills – You need to be able to talk to your customers.

Current skills and interests:

• Experienced in art
• Received MYP grades of 7 in Art
• Very interested in art and interior design
• I have re-modeled different rooms
• Received good grades in most classes

Plan to reach career goal:

• Receive high grades in Art
• Study Art in college/university
• Study Interior Designing in college/university
• Possibly work in a building material store to get to know the equipment
• Work as an assistant for an interior designer to gain experience/knowledge

See this website for more information on Interior Designers:

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