Sunday, April 25, 2010

April 26th...

So far the class has chosen a final script that will be turned into a video. Tsolmon's script had the most votes. The script includes Hero, Beatrice, Claudio, Benedick, Don Pedro, Ursula, Margaret and Borachio.

One group of students is working on editing, costumes, setting and props. The other group is the actors and they are working on memorizing the script and everything else actors do.

It's all messed up at the moment. We are lacking in the enthusiasm in creating the final product. First we were going to combine two scripts, but that would have been a lot of work. So then, the class decided to just take Tsolmon's script, since her's had the most votes. Now we're trying to get everything together.

Next Wednesday we want to start filming. Some of it will be practice. I have been given then role of the host. Either lines have to be memorized or we'll have cards and we can do different parts of the script at different times.

So far...

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