Sunday, May 9, 2010

Criteria A - Investigation

Everything you do affects your future. The grades I get in school will affect what college I get into. My grades also show what I enjoy or am good at. I think based on my grades I will decide what I want to study and what I’ll do with my life. I think school is a good place to find out what you enjoy doing and what you want to do. You still get to learn a lot of different things. Then when it’s time to go to college you may have an idea of what you want to study. Choosing a career is a big decision. I definitely do not want be stuck in a career that I do not enjoy.
I haven’t done any volunteer work this year. If you’re interested in social work or think you might be volunteering is a good place to start. You can learn about yourself and who you want to help.
I would want to continue doing what I like to do for fun, but get paid for it. I think leisure experiences show what kind of person you are. What you like to do and what you don’t like to do. I enjoy reading, taking pictures, and sports. The experiences you have while having fun can help you decide what you want to do.
School activities: Girls Soccer team
Volleyball team
School Play (onstage)
After School Activities
Based on the career tests we took, I would be a good business person, or computer programmer. None of the careers suggested to me were anything I would enjoy doing. I want to an interior designer or photographer. I have also thought of becoming a psychologist. Recently I have thought of being a librarian. I know it sounds really boring but I do enjoy reading and I love libraries. Psychology has always interested me. I want to be able to help somebody by talking to them. I have always thought that talking solves problems. I like being creative. I like art. Photography really interests me. I think I would enjoy doing that as a career.
I enjoy sports, but I am not good enough to play a sport professionally. It has never interested me in that way either. Most of the things that I do are just for fun. I have never wanted to do them as a career. I think that I get bored or fed up with things easily. I need to find a career that will keep me interested and entertained. I do not like challenging things because I’m too lazy. I can’t be bothered to put effort into something too challenging. I want to do something that requires art because I enjoy it.

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