Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Criteria B - Design

Interior Designing, Photography, Psychology

I want to be an interior designer or work in the Arts and Design section. Photography is also one of my future career choices. If interior designing doesn’t work out, I’ll be a photographer. Psychology also interests me. Both interior designing and photography need artistic skills. Psychology is just something I have been interested in, but haven’t thought about much.

I want to go to a college somewhere interesting. I have never lived in Germany or the USA. I have grown up in different countries. I’m a third-culture kid, so I need to go to a college with other people like me. People who have grown up in different countries. It would be a more fun experience for me. I don’t know what country I want to go to for college, but the college needs to be international.

Interior Designing

• Have artistic skills
• Thorough
• Follow-through
• Please every type of customer
• Accurate with measurements
• Have on-the-job experience
• Have studied interior designing
• Had a training period.
• Know how to handle money, budgets

Current skills and interests

• Experienced in art
• Received MYP grades of 7 in art
• Very interested in art and interior design
• I have re-modeled different rooms


• Reading Comprehension
• Active Listening
• Writing
• Speaking
• Mathematics
• Critical Thinking
• Active Learning
• Monitoring
• Coordination
• Persuasion
• Negotiation
• Complex Problem Solving
• Installation

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