Sunday, April 18, 2010

April 19th...

So far the Modern Shakespeare unit has been a bit difficult to complete. Since we have no received any scripts back, I'm still confused about what I'm supposed to be doing. As a class we have split the type of scripts into groups. We have a gossip group, a news group, an group that's responsible for the breaks and a talk show group. I am in the talk show group with Uudee, Tsolmon and Yea Jun. In our group, we haven't done much. For one of the scripts a table will be needed. It'll be similar to a late night show. That's as far as we've got. I don't want to combine scripts.
I think better quality videos will be produced if the class is split into 3 groups. Each group then has a script that they have to turn into a video. This brings us back to choosing which scripts should be created. Some people may not want their scripts to be used. That's fine. The class should read the scripts and with Mrs. Wilson's and Mr. Thompson's feedback we can decide which scripts we want to turn into videos.

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