Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Criteria E - Evaluation

A main part of this unit was getting to know who you are, what you’re good at, and what you maybe want to do with the rest of your life. We took personality tests. Based on those tests, there were websites we could go to and see which careers might suit us best. This part was fun. I liked taking the tests and seeing what I would be good at. The personality type test was accurate, but the careers that went with it did not interest me at all. The tests were to help us get an idea for our career plan and our university resume.

During this project I had to create two things. First I had to make a career plan. For this I had to choose a possible future career. A career plan shows your qualifications, your past education and the knowledge and skills you need to have for the certain career. I chose Interior Designing as my career. I had to do research on what skills were need, what education was needed and what knowledge was needed to become and Interior Designer. This was interesting for me because an Interior Designer is something I would choose to do in my future.

After I completed my career plan, I began working on a university resume/entrance video. Everyone had to research universities/colleges and what their requirements were. In the video I was supposed to speak about my qualifications, educational background, extra-curricular activities, volunteer work, and why the college/university should choose me. I learned quite a bit doing this assignment. I’ve had bad experiences with editing movies though. The final product had to be a video. I decided to film the whole thing in one big chunk. That way I wouldn’t have to edit it. This worked out quite well. I had a few people watch my video. That was the worst part of the project. They said that the content was good, but I was too serious and stiff. When I make a college entrance video again, I’ll make it more interesting/fun. Maybe I’ll just use my voice instead of filming myself, because I am not really comfortable with it.

This unit has been interesting. I haven’t thought about college and my future. I had no idea what I really wanted to do and what it would take. I’ve learned about myself and what I need to do and how I’m going to do it. I still need to work on my university resume, and I have to decide what I want to do as a career. There are so many careers to choose from! I still have time though. I enjoyed doing the personality type quizzes and what careers would theoretically suit me. I learned things in this unit that really are practical for the future.

Criteria A – Investigate

For Criteria A we had to research our personality types, possible careers, one career that we would choose for the career plan, colleges/universities, and other stuff that has to do with careers and college. The first part of the unit was interesting, I think I had enough research to understand what I like to do and write a career plan. For the university resume I think I could have researched more colleges that I would be interested in and gone to. I also should have researched more on what colleges require. This may have made filming the video even easier. I completed the Investigation successfully.

Criteria B – Plan

For Criteria B, we had to finalize our decision on which career we wanted to use for our career plan. Then we had to research a little on the career we had chosen and find out what we needed to include for the career plan. I think I did well on this part of the Design Cycle. All I had to do was a rough draft of the career plan I was going to create in Criteria D. Criteria B was very brief.

We did not do Criteria C for this unit.

Criteria D – Create

In this unit everyone was supposed to create two things. Everyone had to create a career plan and a university entrance video. The career plan part was easy. I probably could have put more effort into researching what I needed to know, have to be an interior designer. Once you had all the necessary information though, it was very simple to create a career plan following the format Mrs. Wilson gave us.

Making the entrance video was little more difficult. First I had to research what to include in a college entrance video. The information collected would then go into my video. For the USA you need to have taken the SAT. I also “had” an IB Diploma and other things like that. I spoke about what I was involved in too. I was supposed to choose a college that I wanted to go to. I really have no idea where I want to go, or even what country. So for my video I just decided to go to Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada. I did not like the video part of this unit. So I kind of put it off. Then when I wanted to film, I was planning on using a web cam, the sounds was really bad. I tried a few computers till I found one that could record visual and audio well. As I mentioned before I do not know how to edit videos, so I chose to do my video all in one piece. This was much simpler I think than editing. My video could have been more fun and entertaining, not so serious.

I think it is necessary to learn about different careers and how to achieve your goals. It impacts your families your schools, your future. By making good choices you can have a good future. You family will be proud and you will be able to support them. If you choose a career you enjoy, you will enjoy life more. For yourself, you want to do the best you can do, and what you enjoy doing. It’s important that you can get into the college you want to go to. If everyone body could do the job they wanted to, I think it would improve a lot of things. This unit was definitely helped me get a little more comfortable with the future and what I’m going to do. I know now what I have to achieve.

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