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My presentation was based on the Frisbee, invented by Fred Morrison. I researched about the Frisbee and based on that information, I created a PowerPoint. At first I wanted to make a poster, but as I was making it, I realized I had a lot of information which I wanted to include, but it wouldn’t fit on the poster. That’s when I decided to make a PowerPoint. It would be a good way to present my information.

After I had finished my final product, a PowerPoint, I had to test it. I did this by asking a couple of people what they had thought of my presentation. I think my final product was successful, except I did not really answer the unit question in a straight forward way. My PowerPoint was neat, had good information and was easy to read, but it did not answer the unit question. I also looked at my grade for the final product as part of my test. I asked Mrs. Wilson why I received the grade I did, and it was because I didn’t answer the unit question well enough. The fact that the unit question was not answered well makes my product not as successful as it could have been.

Cr.A – Investigation

Investigation for this project was easier than usual. Mrs. Wilson handed out sheets with a lot of significant information on the topics people chose. Those sheets were a good start and helped a lot in the Investigation. I created some of my own questions that I had to answer. Most were about the inventor and invention, but some were things to do with advertisement and things I thought might be interesting. Citing all my sources is not hard work, but it takes a while. I spent quite a bit of time on MLA citations. I think I did a lot of good research, and my citations were fine. The Frisbee isn’t exactly complex so there wasn’t so much I could research. I think I did my Investigation well.

Cr.C – Plan

Plan is usually easy, but this time I had a bit of trouble. I was a bit confused with the due dates and when I made the plan, it was not detailed enough. I asked a few people if my plan was ok, and I was told to put more detail in. I did. Unfortunately, half way through my plan for the poster, I wanted to make a PowerPoint so I had a lot of changes to make. I posted my first Plan on my blog. After I made the changes I also posted the changed plan on my blog. I didn’t really follow my plan this time. At first I was behind with the poster and then I completely changed my final product.

Cr.D – Create

For this project, the final product could be a poster, PowerPoint, essay, or anything that answered the unit question. At first I wanted to make a poster. I could get all colorful and creative while answering the unit question. But after I had started writing on my poster, I realized I had a lot of information and it would not fit on my poster and still be neat. That’s when I decided to switch to a PowerPoint. I could clearly present all my information. Since I had spent a day on the poster, I had to choose something that I could do quickly. The PowerPoint was super easy and fast to make, and it included everything I thought it needed to. I had some pictures. I explained who the inventor was and how he invented the Frisbee. I also included some other facts and information I had found during my research. Overall, I was happy with my PowerPoint.


I think I could have done a lot better, overall on this assignment. I think my Investigation was good, but my Plan and final product could/should have been better. I could definitely have improved my Plan by adding more detail. I should have understood exactly when we had class, when it was due, and when I had time to create my final product. I should have explained each step careful, stating exactly what I was going to do to finish my final product. It would have been easier if I hadn’t decided to change my final project.

My final product could have been good except I did not answer the unit question well enough. Reflecting on how some of my classmates did it, I should have had a slide which stated the unit question and then answered it. That’s mainly what I would have done to improve my grade. I think my presentation and most of the slide show wasn’t too bad. I’m annoyed at myself that I didn’t answer the unit question clearly or well enough…

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