Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Frisbee - Cr.A Investigation

Cr.A Investigation
In IT class, each student has been given an invention to research. Our unit question is “How do inventors come up with ideas and create their inventions?” Each student will research they invention and answer the unit question. The final product, by the student, should be an essay, PowerPoint, ect. explaining the invention they were given and answering the unit question.
I chose to research the Frisbee. I chose it because I have always liked playing with a Frisbee. I had never thought about who invented it or why it was invented. I knew it would be easier to research a topic that I liked and could relate to. That’s why I chose the Frisbee.
By researching our topic, we can hopefully answer the unit question. There are millions of inventions in the world, but you do not know who they were invented by or why they were invented. By doing this project we can give credit to inventors. We may use their inventions every day, yet we do not ever think about the person who invented it. Doing this project and researching inventions why can learn about inventions and how and why they were invented. This answers the unit question. I think it’s important that we give credit to the inventors and not just use they’re inventions without a second thought.
To learn more about the Frisbee I had to research it. I used the paper, Mrs. Wilson had given use and the internet. The sources; The Frisbee. Red River Press Inc., 2007.

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Detailed Test/ Design Specifications – For my final product I will create a poster about the Frisbee. I will also bring in a Frisbee. =) My design specifications for the poster will be;

Does it answer the unit question? (How do inventors come up with ideas and create their inventions?)

Does it thoroughly describe Fred Morrison and the Frisbee’s history up till now?

Does it present my research well?

Is it neat, organized and easy to read?

Is it colorful and nice to look at?

Will it give me a grade of 5-6?

My final product should follow these questions. I will ask myself and some classmates wether they think my poster answers the questions in a positive way.

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