Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Cr.E Evaluation

AOI – Human Ingenuity Learner Profile – Risk Taker
Throughout this assignment, human ingenuity and being a risk taker was evident. Human ingenuity was in the form of our ideas. Everyone had different ideas and we had to figure out if they were possible and how they could maybe work. Being a risk taker can be hard or easy. In this assignment, you had to take the risk of having a new idea, finding out how to make it work, and then telling people about it. It is a risk presenting the ideas. You can’t know what people think until you’ve taken the risk of showing them. They may think it’s a bad idea or a good one.
Cr.A – Investigation
My group and I worked quite well. We researched heaters and the infra-red camera. We had to make sure that our idea, a self-regulating heater, had not been invented yet. When all three of us had researched, we came to the conclusion that our exact idea had not been invented. We each researched different aspects of heaters and cameras, so when we came together we added everything we knew to create our final design. Then we created design specifications. While designing and creating our final product, we had to keep these in mind.
Design Specifications
• It needs to be cost-efficient.
• It needs to be energy-efficient.
• It needs to be safe (child-safety).
• It needs to be portable.
• It needs to come in a variety of colors and designs.

Cr.B – Design
I worked in a group of three, so there were plenty of different designs to choose or combine. We liked a lot of the designs, but for the original we decided to create a classic, rectangular heater. Based on our design specifications we added other things like child safety, a manual control and wheels. Because we liked our other designs, which were directed more towards kids, we added a “Da Fonk” edition. This included our volcano self-regulating heater. It was mostly to entertain us. =P We worked quickly and got the designs together to create a final.
Cr.C – Plan
Because we had finished the Investigation and Design quickly we had plenty of time to create our final product. In this case, it was to be a poster, since we couldn’t actual create a heater. We only planned four IT classes to create the poster. It turned out to be enough time. We didn’t have to rush it and we didn’t have to work on it outside of class. Our plan worked well and the whole group followed it well. Because we followed it we had extra time.
Cr.D – Create
We create our final product, a poster, based on our plan. On our poster we included the original final design and our “Da Fonk” edition. Our poster was colorful and neat…until someone spilled water on it. When we asked people’s opinions on our poster they said it was good, though it could have been more colorful and a little neater. I think it was good. You could read the features and the pictures were easy to understand. Creating was easy and fast. We all took part in drawing, writing and sketching out our poster. In the end, our poster looked pretty good. =)
Overall our final product was successful. We tested our product by asking the opinions of other students. Other students thought our idea was good and our final product/poster was pretty good. Our poster could have been better organized and colorful, but it was still easy to read and it presented our idea well. Our test for our product/final design was also the presentation of it. We simply stated our idea, what it did and how it works. Then we explained the rest of the poster. Some people had some comments and questions and I think we were able to respond and answer them well.
Improvements can always be made. For the work the group did, I think we did good. We filled out the booklet and finished ahead of the due date. For our final product we could have been more creative. It would have been really cool, if there was technology that could create a self-regulating heater. Or that we knew about the technology and understood it. The research could have been a bit better. We had plenty of good designs too. Our plan was clear and easy to follow. We did follow it. Our poster could have been a bit clearer and more colorful. It would have been nice, if someone hadn’t spilled water on it. =/ Besides the things I mentioned before, the whole thing went quite well.
I think I did okay on this project. I worked well, we’re all friends and capable of doing our work together. It was fun, and we still created a decent final product. I worked well. Not more or less than the other in my group. I think I could have done a bit better on my research and my designs were not extravagant. Though overall, I think I did well.
Self-grade: 4-5

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