Sunday, November 29, 2009

Criteria E - Evaluate

Criteria E – Evaluate
The assignment in IT was to create some technology that could improve the lives of people living in the ger districts. I chose to re-design a new outhouse. My final creation was a model of an outhouse.
We started with Cr.A – Investigate. This was the research stage. We actually went to the Bayanzurkh ger district. We took photos for a Virtual Tour. We also used these as our research. We began digging a hole for an outhouse, and holes for fence posts. We also had a few people who talked to us, and taught us about life in the ger districts. I wrote up all the information an decided what I wanted to do. I also had to create design specifications. Investigation is always the hardest part for me. I always forget an important part and this lowers my grade. But this time, I think I did well. I think a few more pictures would have been useful, but I made do with what I had.
For Cr.B – Design, I was a bit behind because of ACAMIS. I caught up fast enough. The problem for me was that I felt that I already knew what I wanted the outhouse to look like. My original idea had come from an outhouse which I had actually seen in Mongolia. I made three drawings, but each was only slightly different. When it came to choosing what I was going to create my model of, it was difficult. Each design had something to offer which I liked. Sometimes it didn’t always fit my design specifications or it wasn’t necessary. I always had to keep the price in mind. This was the most important specification. I think I could have probably created more designs, and more varied ones. I was a bit limited with my final creation, but I knew what I wanted to do so that worked out all right.
Cr.C – Plan is quite simple for me. I created a plan and then handed it in. Then the materials didn’t arrive, and I was already behind in my plan. All my changes were within a week. I started building a week later than I was supposed to. Other than that it went well. It actually helps making a plan. You know what you have to do and when you are going to do it.
I think Cr.D – Create takes the most effort. If you want to create a good final product then you have to work hard. I had chosen to do a model. I had wanted to get materials from the school, but there weren’t any. So, I had to create my outhouse using toothpicks. It was a lot of work! I used so many toothpicks and so much glue and tape. I was making the building steps as I went a long. I did not have a plan. It took quite a long time and effort to make the model. More than I thought it would. Now, I am forever sick of toothpicks. And I don’t think I would make a model again. I well designed and detailed poster is good too.
I also had to test my final creation. In my case it was a model. I tested my model by creating a survey that I had a few people fill out. It was only six questions which revolved around my design specifications. I think I could have either made the survey a bit better with more details. Because it was lacking details and information people gave me the wrong answers. In my eyes I think my model for an outhouse would create a good outhouse, but this is because I know exactly what it is all about. I know how it all works. For people taking the survey, they do not. Some asked questions which I could easily answer, but the fact that they asked questions isn’t so good. All in all, the result could have been better. My outhouse did not really pass my survey, but that may have a different reason other than the fact that my outhouse is bad.
In the end, I think I have a good idea, but that I would need to develop it more so that it can realistically be successful in the ger districts.

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