Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Cr.D - Create

It took me four days to complete my model outhouse. To create my final product, I used tape, glue and a whole lot of tooth picks. The first step to creating my model outhouse was making the walls.
I did this first because I wasn't really sure if the whole toothpick idea would work and if I messed up, that would be okay. I built the walls in about an hour. I lined up the toothpicks horizontally, put glue on, waited till the glue dried and then put duct tape on top of the glue. For extra support I put two toothpicks vertically on top of the tape. The first step was done, and I hadn't had to re-do anything.
Step 2 I created the roof and the 'support beams' for the outhouse. This took longer than I thought it would. The roof was quite simple. It was made like the walls, but without the two vertical toothpicks. I also put aluminum foul on it, because it was supposed to be a tin roof. Building the 'beams' was difficult. I had to glue together about twelve toothpicks in a bunch. I needed twelve bunches. Three bunches created one beam when they were stacked together on top of each other. This took way too much time for my liking.
The third step was building the floor. This wasn't too difficult, but it took time. It was built like the walls, but with a hole in the middle. I had been hesitant with building the floor, because I wasn't sure how I was going to do it. But it turned out all right. I was also supposed to build stairs, a bucket and a door, but I didn't. That's why for my last step, I did a lot.
My last step was to finish the model. I built stairs, a door, the bucket and I put the whole thing together. First I put it together. This was a bit difficult. The floor was a little too wide, so I had to cut it a bit. Because of the beams and the way the walls were put together, there was a space at the back and at the front. I couldn't really change that. Then I realized I didn't have a door, and that my wall didn't have a space for a door. I ended up cutting the door out of the wall and then taping it back in. The stairs and bucket I made out of paper. This worked well, and I didn't know what else I was going to make it out of. My model outhouse was done!
In general I think the whole building went quite well. once in a while I forgot to take some important pictures, but that's okay. The most annoying part was the huge mess. Toothpicks and superglue were everywhere. The only problem was the door, but that was solved easily. It went well, but sometimes I felt like it was pointless.
If I were ever to do this again... I wouldn't make a model! If I think about it, I would make sure I have it planned out a bit better. Knowing where the door is supposed to go and how it's going to go there is important. I learned that making a model is a lot of work!

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