Sunday, August 30, 2009

Being a Contemporary Artist...

Now a days contemporary artists may put their art on the Internet. This can have positive or negative consequences. if I were an artist I would put my work on the Internet. This would let more people know about me and my artworks. BUT it always has its negative consequences. On the internet pictures, songs and any forms of art can be copied and modified. People could claim my art as their own. Anyone could comment or criticize. Those are the risks you are facing when you put your art on the internet. If I had created an art work, I wouldn't want people copying it. I had put time and effort into my creation and then someone takes it and says its their own. I find this disrespectful to the artist. By doing this you are stealing and lying, just because you think you can get away with it. An artist could copyright his/her work, but that doesn't stop most people. So how else could a person protect their art on the internet? Well it is possible to put an image on the internet and keep it un"copy"able. Yet there is still the problem with music. People can always listen to it somewhere and then mess with it. Unfortunately people often forget to say who the music or image actually belongs. They portray it as their own, which is wrong. There is no real way of stopping people from copying others work. You can copyright it, but that doesn't always work. In my opinion, if you don't want your things copied, don't put them on the internet in the first place.

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  1. Yep, I agree. With the Internet today, it's so hard to keep track of your own work!